Health Care Spending in the United States and Selected OECD Countries
April 2011
The Kaiser Family Foundation

Google Health: Has it been put onto life support?

It doesn’t matter what people say:  The GOP cannot privatize and voucherize Medicare.  The attack on Medicaid, however, is another story. Ezra Klein, The Washington Post.

An aging population drives rising health-care costs? Not so fast. Austin Frakt, The Incidental Economist.

In a move that could absolve health insurers of paying more than $95 million in consumer rebates, nine states are pressing for relief from a federal rule limiting insurers’ profits and administrative costs. Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News.

Sanders,  McDermott push for single-payer health care. Politico

Health-care costs go straight up, especially in New York, Boston, Miami and Chicago. CNN reports on a new industry study.

Jeanne Pinder

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