Provider reviews online, and the question of the obnoxious cologne

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We’ve always suspected that many of the Yelp-like reviews that appear on Web sites about health-care providers are made up, and so we’re happy to supply these bits of information.

Go search for the phrase “‘I was worried that they were going to wear an obnoxious cologne.” I got 42,000 hits on that search on Google, most for health-care providers who are probably not all seeing the same patient who was worried about obnoxious cologne.

It’s an amazing coincidence, this, a widespread concern about cologne and the need to write about it on health-care provider review sites.


So then, noticing that some of these offices were also visited by patients who wanted to say “Very! The most welcoming office I’ve visited!” — that search was plugged into the Google search box. The results: 89,400 hits with exactly those words.

What does this mean? Well, approach the reviews on Web sites with your critical reasoning powers fully deployed.

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