A catalog of company health plans: AARP to Yum! Brands

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This site, Healthcare Clarity, collects and posts employer-sponsored health plan information. AARP, Amazon, Chevron, Costco, Walmart are some of the big companies.

The “About” page says this: “This website was founded in the interest of making American healthcare more transparent. Unlike the rest of the developed world, the American healthcare system is fragmented, exorbitantly expensive, and ineffective — Americans are far less healthier than we should be given the amount of money we pour into healthcare. In fact, we pay the most in the world for health care, yet rank at 51st for life expectancy.  America is the only developed country in which you can die if you can’t afford to pay for your healthcare. … 

Please note: None of the files on this site were obtained through hacking or any other illegal means. All files were obtained through ordinary, albeit quite thorough, search engine searches (which nearly always led to files publicly available on the employers’ official websites), and as such were already public information. We request that employers continue to keep such information publicly accessible, and that they do not fault or discipline employees who made these files available on their websites up to now.”