Summary: A new report has just been published by MN Community Measurement that allows consumers to compare the cost of health care at medical groups across the state. I don’t know of another database quite like this one for actionable consumer information.





“Costs from more than 1.5 million patients were included in the report, which is the nation’s most comprehensive look at the total cost of care. Information is available for 115 medical groups, representing 1,052 clinics across Minnesota and in neighboring communities on,” MN Community Measurement reported on its site.

“The average monthly cost of medical care per patient is $435 and just a small reduction could save millions.

“ ‘What’s striking is the difference between medical groups in the middle – a range of more than $1,500 per patient annually just between those considered average cost,’ said Jim Chase, President of MN Community Measurement.

“Even a small decrease in the cost will make a considerable impact, according to Chase. A reduction in the average per patient cost of just $12 per month, or $144 per year, would save Minnesotans $750 million in health care costs annually.” Click on the link above (or here) for the full report.



Jeanne Pinder

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