The new health care consumer: Hospitals and Health Networks writes about us

Summary: “When shopping for care, consumers want to know what the doctor is thinking, how providers’ costs and quality compare, how patients rate providers, if personalized care is provided, and how safe the hospital is,” writes Lola Butcher in “Hospitals and Health Networks,” an online journal of the American Hospital Association. She mentions in the context of price transparency. Also, in a section marked “Framing the Issue;” she writes” “Consumers are learning that all health care providers do not deliver equal value. Most consumers do not currently have access to or understand how to evaluate the information they need to make smart health care choices. New entrants outside the health care industry are taking the lead in educating consumers about health care. Knowledge is power. Consumers are learning that they have options when it comes to health care.” Lola Butcher, The New Health Care Consumer, Hospitals and Health Networks.