Eva Gets A Mammogram: A Primer On Finding Quality In Mammography

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Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.53.14 PMSummary: “If you’ve had a mammogram or plan to get one, you may not have given much thought to where you should go. We hope to help you understand your choices by beginning a conversation about how to measure quality in mammography,” Martha Bebinger writes at CommonHealth at WBUR public radio in Boston. “Our data collection is not the definitive answer. But many women are surprised by the fact that where you get a mammogram can make a difference in your health. “I was never told anything about that. I don’t think it’s out there,” says Kennedy, who’s come to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center clinic in Lexington for a routine screening mammogram. We collected information on five quality measures from a dozen hospitals that were willing to discuss how they perform when it comes to mammography. In addition to the table above, we have a detailed explanation of the project and the quality measures, as well as what each hospital is paid by one insurer for the test.” Martha Bebinger, Eva Gets A Mammogram: A Primer On Finding Quality In Mammography, CommonHealth, WBUR public radio.