Women with breast cancer delay care when faced with high deductibles: The New York Times

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Women with breast cancer delay care when faced with high deductibles: The New York Times

“When Pam Leonard felt a lump in her breast last November, she hesitated, debating whether to get testing to see if she had cancer,” Reed Abelson writes over at The New York Times. “She thought of her insurance policy, which carries a deductible of $2,600. She knew she would also have to spend as much […]

The price of a mammogram: When journalism meets health care

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Summary: When journalism meets health care, the path is not always smooth. Here’s what happened when Melinda Beck, a Wall Street Journal reporter writing an article about health care pricing, got in touch with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center here in New York to check a price on the ClearHealthCosts.com web site.  

Cash for mammograms is ‘ethically troubling,’ JAMA article says

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Summary: “Offering women money, paid time off, or other incentives to undergo mammography screening is ‘ethically troubling,’ contends the author of a viewpoint published in the September 8 issue of JAMA. A better idea is to offer women incentives for using evidence-based decision aids, irrespective of their ultimate decision for or against screening, says Harald Schmidt, […]

Having Insurance Doesn’t Always Pay: The case of the $1,700 mammogram

This post appeared originally in MedPage Today, where I wrote it as part of our pricing transparency partnership with MedPage Today. Re-posted with permission.   Summary: “I live in metro NY and received a bill for $2200 (approx) for a mammo/Ultrasound, of which approximately $767 was covered by insurance. I was balance billed $1,712,” the email […]

How to choose a mammogram facility: Guest post

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How to choose a mammogram facility: Guest post

SUMMARY: How should you choose a mammogram facility? The best answer for that comes from an expert. Some questions were asked by community members during our recent crowdsourcing partnership with WNYC. Here’s a thoughtful, detailed explanation from Dr. Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR,  a radiologist who specializes in breast imaging.  

Breast Cancer Screening: Who Profits from Early Detection? (Guest Post)

Guest Post by Elisabeth Dale  Elisabeth Dale is “changing the world, one boob at a time.” She is the founder of The Breast Life and author of bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls, a humorous and informative book about breasts. You can learn more about her book and her mission at http://www.thebreastlife.com. This post is reprinted with permission from […]

How much does a mammogram cost? Your tales of bills: $0 to $2,786.95.

  SUMMARY: We asked what you paid and what your insurance company paid for a routine mammogram. Sometimes it was straightforward: “Provider cost, including technician was $175. My insurance company paid $56.95. My cost zero.” Or this: “So [insurer]  paid $112.46 and I paid $25, totaling $137.46.” But then it started to get complicated: “Cost […]