Inhaler prices: Prescription goes from $125 to $240 in 6 months

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A friend writes: “I’m prescribed a Nasonex inhaler for seasonal allergies, to be used as I need it, not everyday unless needed.  I order 3 months at a time, as I used to get discounts this way.  It works quite well for me.
“For the first few years, I paid $75.00 to $90.00 dollars per quarter.
“Last year, the fee went to $125.   This year it rose to $144.99  You can see these reflected on the printout from CVS for my recent prescription.
“I went to pick it up on Sunday—  The fee for 3 months (3 inhalers) is now $240.00   That’s an increase of 65% from earlier this year.
“We are contesting this with our insurance company Aetna, but it appears that Merck made these increases.  Of course, in most any PBM, it’s hard to track the fees.”