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How much does a transvaginal ultrasound cost? We heard from a community member who successfully contested a bill from Florida Radiology Imaging for $312.13. She saved $155.01 by arguing.

It’s a good story of how a savvy person can make a clear point with an abundance of information.

She sent in her prices with this comment: “These were done for IVF, none of them were covered, however, when we did our other round of IVF we used Orlando Health and the cost was only $197.42, which is more in line with the Medicare price of $126, as well as, the of $158.76. I hope to call and see if they are willing to give me the Medicare price, as I am paying cash for the procedure. Interestingly enough, our insurance covers abortion and procedures required for an elective abortion, however, when promoting or desiring to procreate a life, INSURANCE IS AGAINST it.”

I asked her to keep me updated, and she came back with this news:

“I did call the imaging center and they did give me the Medicare price, therefore, I ended up only paying $157.12 for each Transvaginal US. …IVF is very taxing, we had one successful pregnancy.”

Here’s our handbook on how to argue a bill, with other suggestions and other community members’ stories.


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