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(Updated 2022) Have you ever had a discount for your MRI? One community member has. He had an MRI on his left leg, but the results were inconclusive. So the doctor suggested another MRI — of the lower back/lumbar spine — and gave him $50 off. We asked the community member a few questions:

1. We see that you had several MRI procedures, which is unusual. Can you tell us about the circumstances?
2. Do you have an explanation of benefits or bill you could share with us? Please feel free to black out any identifying details.
3. The name of the provider is 97 Linden Ave., which is an address but not a business name. Can you tell us the name of the business? (It turns out to be Pinnacle Group, 97 Linden Ave., Elmwood Park, N.J.)

He answered:

1. I needed to have 2 because I went to a Doctor with a pain in a left leg so he suggested I might have snapped muscles, so I did the MRI of left leg first, but the results came alright, and I still had a pain, so he suggested to do a lower back MRI as it might be a herniated disk that could be pushing against the nerve and I feel pain in a leg. The price was the same either MRI but because I went to him for a second time he give me 50$ discount.

2. I think it is called pinnacle group.

3. I attach screenshot of my statement of my credit card payment look for “pinnacle MRI group”

Please let me know if you need anything else.

MRI discount


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