Showing prices is not the same as pricing transparency

While hunting for health-care price figures we found, which at first sight appears to be another great health care transparency resource with tons of fantastic data. Equipped with a friendly and consumer-empowering “main street” feel, the site promises to help you “make smart choices about your care” and “learn how to stretch your health […]

Employers save $422 billion if they dump health coverage. Will they?

“A new report, out Tuesday from the House Ways and Means  Committee, estimates that America’s 100 largest companies could save a collective $422 billion over a decade” by ending health coverage. — Sarah Kliff, Wonkbook, The report starts out advertising its genesis. This is the title: “BROKEN PROMISE: Why ObamaCare Will Force Americans to […]

Hooray for us! Thanks, McCormick Foundation and J-Lab!

Celebrate with us! We are delighted to announce that we’ve been chosen one of four winners in the McCormick Foundation New Media Women Entrepreneurs project, an initiative of  J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism. The four grantees for 2012 were chosen from a group of 227 applicants by the highly respected McCormick judges. “This year’s winners […]

3 Young Companies Tackle Rising Health Costs

From around the web, a slew of publicity about startups and young companies working to address the rising costs of health care: Our friend Susan Nicholas, head of Docpons, won a pitch contest in California a few days ago. Congratulations, Susan! Docpons, a Groupon for medical services, is based in Atlanta, and Susan — an […]

Study Finds New York Hospitals Flout Charity Rules:

From Nina Bernstein at The New York Times,  on how hospitals deal with charity aid: “Ms. Rubel’s medical problem was rare, a result of a benign tumor on her adrenal gland, but the financial consequences were not unusual. She depleted her savings to pay $17,000 for surgery to remove the tumor, and then watched, ’emotionally […]

Insurance broker commissions: Medical treatment? Hmmm.

  Commissions are big money for brokers. And how do we know? That’s the primary pay structure for many brokers — the service they provide, in navigating customers to a policy they want, and navigating insurers to customers they want, results in a commission. It’s not always clear who the winner or the loser is, […]

A portrait of the uninsured: Skipping care

Low-income people spend longer amounts of time being uninsured, and skip needed care because they’re uninsured, according to a new study by the Commonwealth Fund. This in itself may not be surprising, but the depths of the problem are: 35 percent of low-income families and 18 percent of moderate-income families have been uninsured for two […]

On high-deductible plans, people spend less

Families with high-deductible health plans tend to delay or forgo health care because of the cost, according to a new study by a team of Harvard researchers. The study, by phone and mail, questioned 208 families in high-deductible health plans and 370 in traditional plans. Membership in a high-deductible plan and lower income “were each […]