Free birth control. Really? Well, sort of. And sort of not.

Free birth control under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Really? For everyone? Well, maybe not. You might  have to wait until 2014. The Affordable Care Act’s stipulation that preventive services should be free went into effect in August 2012, and many  women were ready to pick up their free birth control. Indeed, the ACA’s preventive […]

Health insurance calculators: Online tools to figure out what it will cost

People who are interested in the health-care marketplace are curious about what people will do when they start to think about buying insurance. How much does health insurance cost? How much will health insurance cost? You know you want to, so go ahead.  Figure out what your health insurance will cost under the Affordable Care […]

What if workers refuse to buy health insurance because it costs too much?

This might be the most important article you read today: “Millions of lower-income workers may gain access to employer-sponsored health insurance under the Affordable Care Act — but they may decide not to purchase that coverage. “Most of the lowest-income workers currently offered health benefits elect not to enroll, according to a new study from […]

Higher insurance premiums: A chorus of predictions

As we approach Jan. 1, 2014, there’s been a lot of conversation about rising health insurance premiums. The Administration has consistently said there’s no reason for premiums to go up. The insurance companies have consistently blamed rising costs of care. The providers have consistently blamed insurance companies. Now employers are expected to increasingly choose self-insured […]

Insurance coverage grew, but spending by individuals rose

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We are often asked:  “Why do people care about the cost or price of health-care procedures? Most people are insured, so the insurance company pays, right?” For an answer, let’s go to Massachusetts, where many people are insured as a result of “Romneycare,” the precedessor to the Affordable Care Act. In fact, that’s the state […]

How much does a vasectomy cost? Oh, and is it covered? Part 2 of our series

Summary: Each year, around 500,000 men in the U.S. get vasectomies. But as for how insurers will cover vasectomies under the Affordable Care Act, it seems the answer is no. Read on for our advice, or… CLICK HERE FOR PRICES