Medicare head asks Twitter to help enforce price transparency policy

Medicare head asks Twitter to help enforce price transparency policy

Seema Verma, the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, called on Twitter a few days ago to help her enforce a new rule on health price transparency. The rule requires hospitals to post their list prices online. It went into effect on Jan. 1, and there was scant information about how it […]

Shamed for overcharging, hospitals raised their prices, again: The Washington Post

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Summary: “A year ago, a study about U.S. hospitals marking up prices by 1,000 percent generated headlines and outrage around the country,” Lena Sun writes at The Washington Post. “Twenty of those priciest hospitals are in Florida, and researchers at the University of Miami wanted to find out whether the negative publicity put pressure on […]

Pittsburgh hospital rolls out price estimator

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Summary: A Pittsburgh hospital has rolled out a price transparency tool. It’s interesting not just because it is an official hospital estimate of cash or self-pay pricing, but also because the hospital offers a “point of service” discount — and also because their partner in creating this tool is Experian Health, a wing of the […]

Wisconsin hospital prices: Perhaps useful for some things

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Summary: Cost transparency takes many forms. This Wisconsin Hospital Association pricing page has what appear to be low, medium and high prices for a range of services, for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. What’s missing: Standalone places like independent radiology centers or testing labs. What’s also missing: The averages don’t tell you much about what […]

California Hospital Fair Pricing Act Reduced Prices Paid By Uninsured

Summary: “Health Affairs abstract: California’s Hospital Fair Pricing Act, passed in 2006, aims to protect uninsured patients from paying hospital gross charges: the full, undiscounted prices based on each hospital’s chargemaster. In this study I examined how the law affects the net price actually paid by uninsured patients—a question critical for evaluating the law’s impact. […]