How much does a sleep study cost? Well, $600 or $5,070

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How much does a sleep study cost? Well, $600 or $5,070

(Updated, Oct. 2019) Daytime dozing, excessively loud snoring and fitful sleep are all reasons to have a sleep study. So how much does a sleep study cost? The answer: it depends. Keep reading for more information and advice. There are several different types of sleep studies.  ClearHealthCosts researched the most common ones. A polysomnography (medical […]

Higher insurance premiums: A chorus of predictions

As we approach Jan. 1, 2014, there’s been a lot of conversation about rising health insurance premiums. The Administration has consistently said there’s no reason for premiums to go up. The insurance companies have consistently blamed rising costs of care. The providers have consistently blamed insurance companies. Now employers are expected to increasingly choose self-insured […]

A doctor’s question: What if drugs were all over-the-counter?

Summary: We hear a lot from doctors who see the problems of the health care system from a perspective that’s often surprisingly revelatory. Occasionally, we meet someone who’s a good doctor, writer and thinker all at the same time. Dr. David Voran is one; he wrote this for us about the problems his patients encounter […]

People are refusing treatment because of money, Deloitte finds

Here are some amazing 2012 stats on the use and non-use of health care, from Deloitte. (Wonk alert!) Who stayed overnight in a hospital: 8 percent of Americans. Who took part in a wellness program in the last 12 months: 10 percent of Americans. Only 8 percent switched doctors; 76 percent are satisfied with their […]

Amanda Palmer’s Twitter feed: #insurancepoll revisited

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Since launching #InsurancePoll on Twitter last week (read about it here), Amanda Palmer’s trending insurance survey has stirred overwhelming response. Palmer is the indy rock star who — motivated by New York Times columnist Nick Kristof’s piece about 10 days ago,  about his college roommate’s struggle with cancer as an uninsured person — asked her 702,000 […]

Open enrollment: Sears and Darden change insurance plan delivery

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Two big employers have announced that they will now change the way they help employees with health insurance: instead of finding and financing that insurance, they will give employees a fixed sum of money and let them shop for their own insurance, writes Anna Wilde Mathews in The Wall Street Journal. The two employers — […]