Health insurance costs more, covers fewer people

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  “Polling released in November by Gallup showed the smallest percentage of American adults covered by employer- sponsored health insurance since the polling organization began tracking health insurance in 2008. As of the third quarter of 2011, 44.5% of adults were covered at work. That’s down from 50% at the end of 2008,” says an […]

Mad as Hell Doctors: Advocating for single-payer health care

Dr. Samuel Metz, an anesthesiologist from Willamette Valley, Ore., is a member of Mad as Hell Doctors and an advocate for a single-payer health-care system. Mad As Hell Doctors is the creation of two Oregon single-payer advocates, Adam Klugman and Gary Jelinek. Frustrated with their efforts to get single-payer health care into the public eye, they envisioned […]

Not there when you need it: Health plans to watch out for

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  By Tomer Shoval, CEO of A guest post. What’s worse for your pocketbook and for your health than not having medical insurance? Perhaps having bad insurance. There are many products out there today that walk and talk like a health insurance policy, but won’t give you the financial protection that a health plan will. And […]

High deductible, high costs: How much does a prostate biopsy cost?

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We got this note from a friend: “I am a small business owner, both employer and employee. The employee in me pines for my old health insurance plan. The deductible was low enough that it was always met. The in-network co-pays were fixed and affordable. My costs were my costs no matter what doctors billed […]

Overhauling the system: Rising costs and consumer-driven care

An overhaul of  the health-care system much bigger than what’s been described so far is necessary, writes Robert Samuelson in The Washington Post. “What propels U.S. health spending upward? The …  answer comes in two parts: steep prices and abundant provision of some expensive services. In 2007, an appendectomy cost $7,962 in the United States, […]

When $625 = $2,450 = $450

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Cancer patients have a terrible disease — and then terrible billing problems, as we’ve written before here and here. Here’s another horror story, when $625 = $2,450 = $450, as described by a cancer patient in Florida, talking about her  charges for an MRI and a biopsy treatment, and the ensuing bills. “The woman who […]

Back to Massachusetts: Legislating health costs

Massachusetts is trying to change the way doctors, hospitals and other providers are paid, according to an article in The New York Times. The state legislature is working on bills that would make flat “global payments” to providers to keep patients well. This would replace the current system, which charges fees for every service provided, […]

Ways to Save, Part 5: Consumer-driven health care

Ways to Save, Part 5: Consumer-driven health care

As part of our mission to help you save money by beating back your health-care costs, we’re running a series  giving practical consumer advice about the marketplace. Here’s the first post about saving money (we suggest that you always ask the price in advance); here’s the second (even in an emergency, ask!);  and the third (do you want to decide solely […]