How to buy insurance if you have AIDS

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A new website detailing insurance-buying tips for people with AIDS has been launched by the Kaiser Family Foundation. People with AIDS can no longer be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition under the Affordable Care Act; one in four uninsured people have AIDS, the site says, so these people will benefit greatly from […]

The uninsured, state by state: Texas leads at 24 percent

In Texas, 24 percent of people are uninsured, according to figures collected by the Kaiser Family Foundation, in a  report and graphic based on 2011 figures. Next: Nevada 22 percent, New Mexico 21 percent. South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, California and Louisiana all have 21 percent of people lacking insurance. Mississipi: 19 percent. Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Arkansas, […]

High deductibles, limited coverage and consensus for change

Health insurance deductibles are rising, leaving more and more people with out-of-pocket costs they didn’t expect. This is important partly because it explains why Americans have a hard time finding consensus on what should be done about rising health costs: people who are insulated from rising costs by a low deductible or other things, including […]

‘Bodega Clinicas’ Draw Interest of Health Officials –

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“The ‘bodega clinicas’ that line the bustling commercial streets of immigrant neighborhoods around Los Angeles are wedged between money order kiosks and pawnshops. These storefront offices, staffed with Spanish-speaking medical providers, treat ailments for cash: a doctor’s visit is $20 to $40; a cardiology exam is $120; and at one bustling clinic, a colonoscopy is […]

Open enrollment: Sears and Darden change insurance plan delivery

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Two big employers have announced that they will now change the way they help employees with health insurance: instead of finding and financing that insurance, they will give employees a fixed sum of money and let them shop for their own insurance, writes Anna Wilde Mathews in The Wall Street Journal. The two employers — […]