She saved $3,786 on an MRI: How people use our data

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She saved $3,786 on an MRI: How people use our data

We received this email in connection with our Cracking the Code partnership in New Orleans: My doctor at Tulane University Medical Center had suggested an abdominal MRI as part of a portfolio of check-ups to better understand the possible trajectory of a hereditary condition that might affect me. I’m 27 years old, and wanted to […]

Blondie and the beast: Medical coding errors, Part 2

Summary: “Over the course of the past several weeks, I have been helping my friend investigate the root cause of a health insurance claim denial for her daughter’s orthopedic surgery — which has resulted in more than 50 subsequent claim denials and more than $50,000 in undue medical debt for the family — and prepare the external review appeal […]

How much does a brain MRI cost? Well, $250 or $1,850, or $8,000

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Summary: How much does a brain MRI cost? Well, $250 or $1,850 — or $8,000. “Had a problem with high deductible insurance. I decided not to deal with the insurance and just pay out of my HSA. The bill said my balance was $1850.00, however it also had a handwritten amount of $250.00. Not sure […]

Shopping for health care: A few thoughts on how to do it

Summary: Yes, people are shopping for health care. Some are better at it than others, and some providers and payers (read: doctors/hospitals and insurers) are better than others about revealing information. We’re always interested to hear when people who haven’t encountered these truths come up against the real world. So when Sarah Kliff, the well-respected […]

Our hospital pricing database: Data posted by providers, in convenient form

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Summary:  How much does childbirth  cost? How much does an MRI cost? Gall bladder surgery, arthroscopy? We are asked that question a lot, and so we built a  database of cash or self-pay hospital prices that were posted by providers online. While we’ve been collecting pricing for modest “shoppable” procedures since our founding in early 2011 […]

How much does an MRI cost? In Puerto Rico, $307; in San Francisco, $570

SUMMARY: How much does an MRI cost the government? Well, in Puerto Rico it’s $307, and in San Francisco it’s $570. Those are the prices paid by Medicare, the federal program for the elderly and disabled. Our awesome search tool will tell you that. Here’s how to find out: Click here to read more, or … […]

When is a mammogram not a mammogram? Different tests, different names

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SUMMARY: What are the different kinds of mammogram? The most common imaging test for breast cancer detection is the mammogram, but it’s not the only one. A mammogram is an X-ray photo of the breasts. Just as you can see the shadow of your hand on a sunny day, breast tissue creates a shadow on the […]