What does it cost? Why the question matters.

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  Casey Quinlan of Mighty Casey Media (Twitter @MightyCasey, @CancerForXmas) gave powerful voice to a patient’s perspective on controlling medical costs on the email list of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Casey is a writer, speaker and media consultant, who was asked to write a blog post on the topic, which is reprinted here.  Reblogged with permission from Epatients.net.     […]

New essay contest from Costsofcare.org

Guest Post from Neel Shah, M.D. Costs of Care Essay Contest 2012: Stories from Patients and their Caregivers Uncover Opportunities to Improve Healthcare Value As a presidential election looms and the American economy struggles to recover, the spiraling costs of healthcare have become a contentious political focal point without an obvious solution. Yet for patients […]

New thinking on health care and costs: 3 must-read pieces

Thinking About Wal-Mart and the First World: “For its more than 8,000 stores in 15 countries around the world, Walmart (WMT, quote) is increasing its offerings in the health care sector with more vaccination shots. (Pictured: A giant underground Walmart in Guiyang, China, accessed via glass pyramids. These are starting with stores in the United States, where Walmart already offers […]

Our new look: Tell us what you think

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We’re live with our new design. We’re proud of the new look, and excited to introduce it to the world — and to continue improving. This work is too good to keep hidden, so we are going  public, even if there are things we’re still not satisfied with. When I did a demo last night […]

Ranking hospitals: Do the rankings need rankings?

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SUMMARY: Quality metrics in the health-care marketplace are hard to find. People ask us about quality all the time; usually the question comes in the context of “you don’t pick a provider only on cost,” and the ensuing suggestion that we work here at ClearHealthCosts to become something like a Yelp of health-care, with prices […]

How much does an MRI cost?

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We like price lists. So it’s not surprising that we found ourselves perusing a California hospital’s list of charges one afternoon. This is for Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, and we focused on one of the prices that we know a lot about: the MRI of the lumbar spine, HCPCS code 72148, without contrast or […]

Alphabet soup: HCPCS codes, as well as ICD, DRG, CPT

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Alphabet soup: HCPCS codes, as well as ICD, DRG, CPT

(Updated, 2019) Codes, codes: a system built on codes. The numbers used in the health-care marketplace to identify procedures and items go by many names. One of the most common is the HCPCS code, for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. It’s the system used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Are your eyes glazed […]

An Ohio hospital reveals prices of medical treatment in advance

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At Pomerene Hospital in Millersburg, Ohio, prices for procedures can be revealed in advance. The practice began because the hospital, halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, serves a large number of Amish patients. Amish prefer to do business on cash, and so having a price list became important, said Laura Schlabach, who has been the hospital’s […]