European health-care stories from U.S. travelers, via Rick Steves’s blog

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My Readers Share Their Own European Health Care Stories “On Wednesday, I posted a story on my blog and facebook from one of my tour guides whose ‘socialized medicine-phobic’ tour members had a surprising wake-up call in France. Rarely has a topic struck such a nerve with my readers. While I was expecting a mixed response, […]

How much do glasses cost? How much do contacts cost?

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By Ian Chant Shopping for glasses or contacts? You’re in luck: they  remain reasonably affordable (see table below), even for people without  insurance, and it’s easy to shop around. While the cost of vision care through an employer can vary widely, individual vision care programs may make less sense than they once did. In New […]

Patients are terrible consumers: Jon Cohen at TedMed

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Patients are terrible consumers, according to Jon Cohen, chief medical officer at Quest Diagnostics. In a video of his appearance at the June TedMed conference, he made these points: People with high-deductible plans and health savings accounts are saving money and not spending it on basic health care. Mammography rates, cervical cancer screening rates, colonoscopy […]

Open enrollment: Sears and Darden change insurance plan delivery

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Two big employers have announced that they will now change the way they help employees with health insurance: instead of finding and financing that insurance, they will give employees a fixed sum of money and let them shop for their own insurance, writes Anna Wilde Mathews in The Wall Street Journal. The two employers — […]